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About Us

Pratik Ind ustries has been established as processor and exporter of raisins, spices in Sangli- India since 1991. Based on company development activities, we have developed facilities around India to supply export quality and quantities.The great need of being in top of marl<et in terms of quality lead the company to work in accordance with interna tional standards.

It is our involvement from vine to completed product that allows us to trace our product througl1the process ensuring the finest quality raisins in the industry.We pride ourselves in producing quality ra isins pacl<aged to each individual customer’s order, assuring the freshest raisins possible. Wewill meet orbeat your specifications no matter how small or largean order.

What we do:

Located in Raisins belt of India which process 70°/o total raisins produce in India, We grow, process, and ship our raisins to ensure superior quality at every step and produce exceptional natural ingredients directly from the family farm. Let us show you the difference!

The Pratik’s connect from ” Farm to Fork ” allows to connect with you as

Raisin Processing is An art and a science:-

The art is learned from experience, and we have over 15 years of it. We’ve conquered variables that most pacl<ers don’t know exist. It’s this intrinsic feel tha t allows us to be as flexible and accommoda ting as our customers need.

The science, on the other hand, is driven by innovation. Pratik Industries has the most technologically advanced raisin processing factory in the region And we don’t just invest in the technology; we invest in the integration and function of it Producing of Raisins divides to two main sections. The first section is washing section and the second is sorting & packing. In the washing part the raw material(Dried Grape) is double
wash ed with clean water that circulated in the system. After separating sand, wood, stone and bush by two sifters, the semi prepared Raisins send to centrifuge for preparing the raisins for heating room. In heating room the humidity of raisins adjusts and now the raisins is ready to go to second part. In all production stages all quality assurance requirements are applied and supervised by quality control team. Packaging stage starts with passing the raisins from two sifters. The initial calibration is done by sifters with different caliber in packaging stage. After calibration in this stage the sterns of raisins separate by special machine and then lubricated by vegetable oil. The most important pa rt of the process starts from here when the raisins should be sorted in terms of color, size and other characteristics.This important step is done by Laser Sorter machine.The newest version of LASE R SORTER machine is installed in the factory (BIGTEM) and can produce RTU raisins in accordance with customer requirements.The schematic application of LASER SORTER is shown in above figure

In the next step the raisins that accepted by LASER SORTER machine goes to X- RAY machine (BEST IXUS version 2015) to separate any sand, wood, tail, metal or other foreign materials. After being controlled by X- RAY the raisins are sorted again by workers and pack in bulk size (5 KG/ 10 KG/ 12.5 KG) or consumer package (100 gram to 1 KG).In final step the cartons passed the metal detector to be clean from any metal items and now it is ready for sending to market. In whole production line the quality assurance team takes a sample for quality control. The critical points of production have been identified based on HACCP safety prevention plans and all processes take place in clean area based on ISO 2200:2005 plans and instructions.



1. Black Brown Raisins :

Origin : Shara d variety of grape

Grade : AA, AAA

Packaging : 10l<g, 15kg  export quality cartons

Shipment : Nhavasheva, FCL / LCL basis


2.Kashmiri Green Raisins :

Origin: Manek, Thompson, Sonakavariety of grapeGrade: Round ( Globe ) , Long

Packaging : 10kg, 1Skg export quality cartons

Shipment : Nhavasheva, FCL / LCL basis


3.Golden Raisins :

Origin : Thompson  seedless variety of grape

Grade: Round ( Globe ) , Long

Packaging : 10kg, 15kg    export quality cartons

Shipment : Nhavasheva, FCL / LCL basis


4.MalayarRaisins :

Origin: Thompson, Manek, Sonakavariety of grape

Grade: AAA, AA, A, 8, C, Industrial Grade

Packaging : 10kg, 15kg export quality cartons

Shipment :N havasheva, FCL / LCL basis


5.Black Jet Raisins :

Origin: Sharad variety of grape

Grade: Long, medium

Packaging : 10kg, 15kg  export quality cartons

Shipment : Nhavasheva, FCL / LCL basis