Pratik India Export


Kosher and ISO 22000 Certified Turmeric Unit

Spread across 4 units of built-up area of 1 lakh sq.ft Pratik Industries is equipped with state of art processing facility with an combined annual capacity of 3000 MT. Professionally qualified staff and team members are the foundation and support to the facility. The setup of automated lines and cutting edge technology reduces the human intervention in the entire process, reducing errors and securing vital repeatability. Food safety, hygiene and security have always been in the spearhead will designing the facilities, making Pratik Industries a preferred a processing destination.  The Processing line has been divided in following chain.

Cleaning line     Polishing line    Milling section    Clean room Packaging section

Milling line is designed to handle metallic hard, low fiber turmeric finger. These particularly hard turmeric fingers are ground to desired mesh size on single pass. The product temperatures are monitored throughout the milling process to safeguard that volatile oils and flavors are maintained. After passing through cleaning line, turmeric fingers are again hand sorted to ensure that only pure, stone free products are grounded. The entire floor area of milling section and polish section is covered by epoxy flooring which are bacterial resistant and hygienic.

Steam Sterilization Unit:

The Continuous Steam Sterilization unit is imported from world renowned manufacturer “ETIA” of France of Safe Sterile Brand. The equipment are Made from SS 304. The product is sterilized with Dried steam at the pre-decided temperature for Specified period decided for the different crops. The product is passed through Teflon Coated Auger Conduit with zero Clearance in between auger vanes and body to remove total material without sticking and accumulating on the bottom surface of the conduit. After passing steam, the material Is immediately passed in the cooling zone, in which, the chilled water is used to cool the material. The entire process is computerized to maintain the feed rate, steam temperature, steam pressure, Steaming time, cooling temperature and cooling period. The unit has the capacity to reduce microbiological level to zero percent depending upon the original microbiological load of the crop.

Facility has been optimized to minimize the impact of sterilization on:

  • Flavor and Taste: Less than 5–‐8% of the oil content is lost during the process.
  • Color: No drastic change of color
  • Moisture: With our exclusive dry steam device, there is no increase in moisture

Kosher Certified Raisins Processing Unit :

Producing of Raisins divides to two main sections. The first section is washing  section and the second is sorting & packing. In the washing part the raw material (Dried Grape) is double washed with clean water that circulated in the system. After separating sand, wood, stone and bush by two sifters, the semi prepared Raisins send to centrifuge for preparing the raisins for heating room. In heating room the humidity of raisins adjusts and now the raisins is ready to go to second part.

In all production stages all quality assurance requirements are applied and supervised by quality control team. Packaging stage starts with passing the raisins from two sifters. The initial calibration is done by sifters with different caliber in packaging stage. After calibration in this stage the stems of raisins separate by special machine and then lubricated by vegetable oil. The most important part of the process starts from here when the raisins should be sorted in terms of color, size and other characteristics. This important step is done by Laser Sorter machine. The newest version of LASER SORTER machine is installed in the factory (BIGTEM) and can produce RTU raisins in accordance with customer requirements. All processes take place in clean area based on ISO 2200:2005 plans and instructions.

In House Laboratory :

Batch wise sample are randomly drawn from raw material to on-line to finished products for both domestic and export leg market and it goes through stringent and comprehensive documented Quality Checking System in our in house well equipped Quality Assurance laboratory.

Our ISO certified labouratory is well equipped to handle all analytical, chemical and microbial parameters. Latest equipped HPLC, Spectrophtometer enable us to test spices and raisins all the norms as per EU, FDA and FSSAI standards. Our sampling and laboratory testing facility covers wide range of parameters for agroproduce including:

  • Chemical Analysis- Total Ash, Acid Insoluble Ash, Crude fiber, Moisture, Extraneous Matter, , Volatile oil.
  • Microbiological Analysis: Yeast& Mold Analysis, E coli, Salmonella, B. Cereus, TPC, Coliforme.
  • Aflatoxin Analysis ( B1, B2, G1, G2 )
  • Curcumin percentage
  • Pesticide residue

Well Trained Micro biologist and experienced Quality Control Team following internationally accepted methods handles analysis for each and every raw material as well as finished products.

In House Cold storage Facility :

Temperature controlled chambers play vital role for preserving turmeric , raisins and other spices from pest infesatation, colour of product, aroma, quality and thereby increasing the shelf life of the product. It also help to reduce any supply bottlenecks and ensuring supply of product round the year.

With handling capacity of 3000 MT for turmeric and 1500 MT of raisins, 14 chambers each separate chamber of Turemric , Raisins and other spices are maintained in cold storage. Predetermined temperature for spice is maintained in each chamber ensuring the freshness of the product.

Organic and Sustainable Farming and Procurement :

With dedicated team of Organic agronomist, Gap certified Farmers, Government Agencies  Pratik industries is striving towards developing organic certified and sustainable turmeric spice, raisins and other spices. Currently we are developing turmeric farms along with help of local farmers and government agencies.

As a local produce manufacturer we have developed block chain supply chain system for our products and ensuring farm level tracing of products for our happy customers.

Quality Control

The Quality Control works hand in hand with the Quality Assurance, Hygiene & the Food Safety Team.

The team ensures that Good Manufacturing Practices / Good Hygienic practices and other quality related aspects are strictly adhered to. Daily calibration and verification of various quality checks on the manufacturing floor and the precise working of metal detectors, magnets, heat sealing machines, weighing machines etc., which play a critical role in delivering a quality product, are under strict vigilance  of the QA Team.

The QC team runs the three labs viz: the Analytical lab, Microbiological lab and the Chemical lab. The labs are responsible for the Raw Material, In Process and Finished Goods analysis as per various internationally accepted methods and providing a Certificate of Analysis of each and every Raw material as well as finished product.


Besides other certifications our processing units are Kosher and  FSSC 22000 certified, which demands that our entire team is regularly trained . In order to achieve this we have a dedicated expert on Systems who takes care of all mandatory requirements of all certifications.  At Pratik we have devised an annual training calendar covering all important areas of activities, wherein, various Audio Visual tools are also used. The training is carried out on the plant or at the conference area. As a part of backward integration and implementation Good Agricultural Practices, field level consultancy is also imparted at the Farm level to farmers at regular intervals.